Why "Tattoo Fix Care?"

Why "Tattoo Fix Care?"

"TATTOO FIX CARE" products were developed by a group of specialists including dermatologists, chemists and pharmacists in cooperation with leading tattoo artists in the field.
For the first time, unique medical products have been developed for the tattoo and piercing sector and are defined as "MEDICAL DEVICE".
This products are completely different than most products available on the market, which are “COSMETICS” by definition. 
"TATTOO FIX CARE" products are designed for optimal healing that provides the best long-term results.
"TATTOO FIX CARE" factories adapted its facilities, QA system and production lines to the most stringent standards in the global market – ISO13485 and GMP standards, approved by "Ministry of Health" – that’s why you can be sure that you use safe and top quality after-care and professional-use products.

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