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Worldwide Presenters

Cris Rojas- Australia

Robert Ermac - Moldova

"I was really glad that i got the opportunity to try and test the "Tattoofixcare" products.  I really enjoyed using them.  The foil is absolutely awesome,  because it does stick very well to the skin and it doesn't leave any leftovers after you take it off.  The healing creams are wonderful,  assuring  great results after using it"

Boun Cang - France

" I really enjoyed "Tattoofixcare" products, especially for the quality of their composition which ensures an immediate effect on the healing of the skin. the range is also very complete. 
thank you ;)"

Anna Botyk - Ukraine

"I have tried many different types of healing tattoos, each of them is good, but also in each of them, there is some kind of compromise with which you need to measure. After I tried INK BUTTER from "TattooFixCare", I found an ideal way to heal my tattoos, this is what I will use in my work, and what I will advise my clients. Thanks to the "TattooFixCare" team, for a really good product".

Tal Sabach - Israel

"I have to thank "Tattoofixcare" for the excellent products and the courteous and professional service. Finally an Israeli company that produces amazing products that keep our tattoos look great after recovery.
The product "Inkbooster" is a butter that softens and soothes the skin during work
It's just a pleasure to work with it. To this day I have worked with an "Inkeeze" and I must admit it feels just as good + it has a very pleasant smell unlike other products on the market.
If your customers are important to you indulge them in "Tattoofixcare" products.

Oleg Kaplanov- Israel

Oleg Trynda - Ukraine


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